Study, work and live in Australia – The ultimate guide

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Everyone wants to migrate to Australia. With so many prospects available, it comes as no surprise that it is the preferred migration destination. At the Australian Migration Center, we assist and facilitate scores of visa applications every year, enabling skilled migrants to move to the land Down Under.

Australia has one of the most advanced migration systems in the world and an annual program attracting thousands of legitimate migrants. Among those who come to work in Australia, most of them receive permanent visas through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme. For different reasons, Australia is the most popular destination for skilled migrants. As we all know, Australia ranks highest among the countries that pay very high wages to qualified professionals. Above all, all those who live permanently in Australia have access to the world ‘s health and education systems.

Moving to Australia opens up several avenues for an improved lifestyle, including:

Social Benefit

Australia’s system of income support states that only Australians qualify for social security. There is no waiting period for family support payments– income supplements to help families raise children (such as family tax benefits).

Health Benefit

As a PR, you will immediately receive free medical care as part of the basic insurance package of the Australian government. Australia has one of the world’s best health care systems with an excellent public health balance (Medicare) and a prosperous private health sector.


In its education system, Australian offers diversity. All residents have free access to public schools. As a PR, you qualify for various government grants.

Security & Way of Life

Australia is removed from biological threats (bird flu / SARS), has a low crime rate, political stability and a harmonious community. Australia’s cultural facilities offer a full range. Everyone is readily associated with Australia.


The Australian transport and telecommunications network is of the highest quality. Australia has one of the world’s highest per capita internet and telecom devices (


Language skills are a key workforce advantage in a globalized economy. While Australia is an English speaking country, over 4.1 million people speak a second language.

Applying to Australia can seem like a tedious process, but at AMC, we are here to help you through. Visas can vary according to your requirement and qualifications, and categories are as follows:

Skilled Visa

Australia has become the most popular destination for skilled migrants in recent years. The Skilled Migration Program is a government initiative to identify potential skilled migrants who can make a valuable contribution to the economy and overcome workforce skills shortages. More and more people are looking for jobs in Australia through the migration skills program. You have the opportunity to migrate to Australia if you are an expert or an international student who has been studying in Australia for more than two years. Assess your eligibility for an Australian Skilled Visa immediately.

Business Visa

Australia welcomes entrepreneurs who can bring Australia business skills, expertise and investment. Under this scheme, business migrants receive a Provisional Visa for four years at the beginning and can apply for a Business Skills Residence Visa after setting up the business or maintaining their investment. There are four categories of business visas covered by this scheme.

  • Business Owner Category
  • Senior Executive Category
  • Investor Category
  • Business Talent Category

This visa is initially granted as a provisional visa for a period of four years. Once the business has been established or the required investment level has been maintained, applicants are eligible for permanent residence under this scheme.

Parent Visa

Parents have the right to migrate to Australia if the parents are sponsored by children living in Australia. The applicant’s children shall be citizens of Australia or permanent residents. To be eligible for this visa, applicants must also pass a “family test balance.”

Spouse Visa

You are eligible for a spouse visa if:

  • You are married to a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • You are in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have an interdependent relationship with a citizen or permanent resident of Australia

Partner visa is initially granted for two years on a temporary basis. If the applicant can prove that the relationship is ongoing and genuine, a permanent visa will be granted to the applicant at the end of the two- year period.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you realize your dream of migrating to Australia.