How to Find a Job in Australia as a Foreigner

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Australia, the land of peculiar creatures and considerable amounts of opportunities, both waiting to be discovered. The island is home to beautiful beaches, sunshine and deadly creatures, but you already know that. Australia also is one among the countries with a growing economy. The average GDP increase of the island is approximately 2% annually. Australia is one of those countries that was not affected during the global economic crisis and continues to grow as a country.

The island also offers a fairly large pool of opportunities for locals and foreigners alike, the catch being that the job opportunities to foreigners require a little more processes and documentation when compared to the former. Here is a detailed roadmap of what you will need to find a job and live in Australia.

Finding a job

If you happen to be a citizen of Australia, you have the right to live, work and travel within or outside the country as you please. Also, you do not require a visa of a work permit to work in the country. If, however, you are not a citizen of Australia, you would have to fly in with a visa in hand.

Typically, people apply for a work visa first, to enter and legally work in the country. This is done in the native country of the individual, in this scenario, an Australian Visa consultant in Sri Lanka will assist you with the documentation and legalities required. If you secure a work visa, you should already have a job offered by a company in Australia. There are a few different variations of a work visa in Australia. You could choose from anything from a temporary visa, a working holiday visa or a resident visa, depending on your requirement.


If you apply for and secure a resident visa in Australia, you will be granted a stay with no defined end to work, live and travel. You would also receive various incentives offered by the government. To ease the process of applying for the visa, there are a few PR migration services offered by migration centres in Sri Lanka or the country you are traveling from.
In addition, looking for a job in Australia can be done in two or more ways. The first is through recommendations from family and friends you might have in the country, the second being through job banks and websites that display vacancies. You will find websites that are dedicated to government jobs, as well as, jobs that are in the private sector.
Working in Australia could be the change you are looking for in your professional experience and your living conditions. Reach out to your nearest migration centre and begin your process as soon as you can.