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I am fully satisfied with this place. They are very professional, efficient and trustworthy. Of cause you should have the basic qualifications required. Dont blame them If you are not qualified. It took only less than Four months for me and my family, after submiting all required documents. Thanks to Vishmi for going an extra mile to assist me in Various occations. Dont worry about charges, they clearly mention all charges before the process starts. Nothing hidden and it is up to you to decide. I hope this will help you to make a decision, if you are not sure. Just visit them and discuss. It cost nothing for this discussion.
Well done and good luck to AMC team.

Aruna Vimal

Dear Mr. Punchihewa,

Thanks very much again for your mail and we are pleased to hear the news. So far all details contained in the offer letters are matching with the passport details.

We appreciate the excellent services provided by you and your staff and if not for them this wouldn’t have been so fast. I think, I have an obligation to mention some names, had contacts, one to one basis, Ms, Madushani, Ganga and Vishmi. They were very helpful, supportive and very professional. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to them as well.

Right now I see no issues, but anything else, If I come across, I will come back to you. I wish you and your organization good luck

Yours sincerely,

Uditha Gunewardene

Dear Mr. Hemantha,

Its a great news and thank you for the information regarding my visa. An year ago I just came to see if there are any possibilities for me to migrate to Australia and today I have the visa. I take this opportunity to thank you and all your team members for helping e to get this visa application a successful one. I thank you for representing and following my case and special acknowledgement to Sandamali, Madhushani and Vishmi for their timely actions and advises all resulted in me getting this visa.

Regarding your services, I am highly satisfied with your services and I have already recommended you to some of my colleagues.

Thank you and regards,

William Paul

Dear Mr.Hemantha,

Confirm the receipt with thanks.

I would like to thank you and your team specialy ishani, ruvani, madushani and vishmi for the great support they gave me during the process.

I could complete the entire process less than six months period because of the support and guidance given by your team.

I would never hesitate to recomend your office for other potential migrators .
Thank you very much .Wish all the very best for you and your team to success in this filed further



Chathuri Nisansala

Dear Mr. Punchihewa/ Vishmi/Madushani

Thank you very much for bringing up the good news. Really appreciate the service you and your staff extended throughout the period. We are thankful for all the hard work you have done from your side.



Dear Mr & Mrs. Punchihewa,

Having been successful in achieving our visas for migration to Australia. We Angelo, Natalia & Kaitlyn D Rozario would like to thank you in a very special way for the same.

We are grateful to you and your wonderful team for all the efforts put into to make our application a successful one. You made us feel at ease and gave us a positive answer every time we spoke to you and your team, regarding the status of our application. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

A little truth that I would like to share, prior to contacting AMC I was turned down by two well-known Migration agents one in South India and one in Dubai, but I am happy to say today that AMC stood out and came to my rescue.

We would also like to extend our special thanks to Ms. Kanchanie, Ms Ganga, Ms Niloo & Ms Vishmi for helping us patiently and answering our questions to the best of their knowledge.

We have already recommended AMC to our family and friends and undoubtedly will tell more people in the future about the positive attitude, dedication and professional approach you and your team portrayed in being part of our happiness & success. You and your team will always be remembered in our lives.

Thanking you

Your’s Truly

Angelo, Natalia & Kaitly D Rozario

Angelo, Natalia & Kaitly D Rozario

Dear Hemantha,

Thank you so much for the great news, i have no words how to thank you, AMC has done us a great job in helping us to succeed in the VISA process.
I will reply to all those involved that helped me in the process in a separate email.

Thanks a Million once gain
May God Bless you all
Angelo Thomas

Angelo Thomas

Hi Mr. Hemantha,

That’s great news. Thanks a lot for all the support given by Australian Migration Center.
I really appreciate the support and timely responses given by the AMC crew and will not hesitate to recommend this place to any of my friends/colleagues.
Will reach out to the team if any need arises.
Once again Thanks to Ruwani. Niloo and Vishmi for the dedication, time and effort.

Wish you all success in your future endeavors.

Many thanks,

Roshani Benedict

Dear Mr Punchihewa,

I am Rukmal Chaminda Ganepola GANEPOLA ARACHCHIGE’s wife Gayani N AHANGAMA GEEGANAGE.
I acknowledge receipt of the following email received on 01st December 2014 on behalf of my husband Rukmal Chaminda Ganepola GANEPOLA ARACHCHIGE.
My husband and I would like to thank you for the very prompt, efficient, professional and excellent service that has been provided to us.
I am very impressed with your customer support and your staff seem to really take responsibility for dealing with visa matters.

Thank you once again.
Have a great day!
Kind Regards,

Shani Geegana

Dear Mr. Punchihewa,

I am Rukmal Chaminda Ganepola GANEPOLA ARACHCHIGE
I acknowledge receipt of the following email received on 01st December 2014
I would like to thank you for the efficient, professional and excellent service that has been provided to us.
I am very impressed with your customer support and your staff seem to really take responsibility for dealing with visa matters.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Rukmal Chaminda Ganepola GANEPOLA ARACHCHIGE

Rukmal Ganepola

Dear team,

Thank you so much for your truly professional service.we would ‘nt have got this without your support and guidance.

Thanks again
Shehana and Shivanka

Shehana Silva

Dear Mr. Hemantha & the entire team at AMC,

We are so delighted to hear this great news.

I along with my family would like to thank you all for the excellent service that you provided to us. It was absolutely an amazing experience working with you all. Our case was handled by three consultants – Sandamali, Madushani and Vishmi in a very professional manner. We are so thrilled and lucky to have selected your organization to work out our migration process and you certainly proved that your team and the management are the best in the business. Thank you so much indeed for all your guidance and assistance.

We wish you all every success and may god bless you all with good health and peace of mind!

Best Wishes & Seasons greetings!

Aravinthan & Tharani

Aravinthan Vimaleswaran & Tharani Aravinthan

Dear Mr.Hemantha,

I have received your e-mail and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for everything!


Ishan Perera

Dear Hemantha,

This is great news indeed.
We would like to thank you and your staff for seeing this process till the end. It was pleasure working with you.
We will keep you posted.


Irosha Samarasinghe

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much i received the email.
Its my great pleasure and we are really happy with your services.Thatswhy my friends and my brother already started process with you.And i hope in future my more friends will contact with you.As many are very impressed right now.

And i will also contact with you in Australia.If i need any help or any information.

Thank you very much for you and your all team.



Dear Mr. Punchihewa,

Thank you for forwarding the letter and for all your support and service so far. Your service was up to the standards and is appreciated.
All three girls Sandamali, Niloo and Vishmi were good and they really an assets you have.
Thanks again for your service and I definitely recommend you guys to anyone.

Best Regards.


Dear Mr. Punchihewa,

This is to confirm the receipt of your email.
I would also like to thank you and your team for the assistance and guidance provided throughout the entire process.
I do have few points i need to clarify on the granted Visa which I will coordinate with Vishmi.

Thanks & best regards
Madhura Fernando

Madhura Fernando

Dear Mr Punchihewa & the team,

Noted with thanks. I’m grateful to you & the team for handling the case & taking me through the complex process. The support was highly appreciated.

Thank you, Sandamali, Niloo & Vishmi for the great support.

Nelum Peiris

Nelum Peiris

Dear Mr. Hemantha,

Thanks for your email with such a great news.

It was really a great experience & pleasure of having you & your team taking care of my case. The professionalism that your office has shown is really impressive and undoubtedly appreciable. That is the reason i am recommending AMC to my colleagues and friends in circle all the time for their cases. I am really thankful to you and all in your office for assisting me to get through.

I wish you all the success in your business.

Ihsan Ali

Ihsan Ali

Dear Hemantha,

Thank you very much for all the support and great to work with you.

Let me also thank you all for the great professional service. I am in a meeting and will send a email later to your Nugegoda office staff.

I will continue to work with you for possible citizenship matters and hope that you would be able provide assistance in the future.



Dear Vishmi

noted, received visa document , thank you very much.. i am totally satisfied about your great service.i did not face any difficulties dealing with your organization during last one and half year time period. so i greatly appreciate about your service.

Thank you
Chathura Ekanayake.

Chathura Ekanayake

Dear Mrs Vishmi,

I received Visa Granted details.

Mean while,I want to thank all of your staff who has been dealing with me throughout this process that was unforgettable event in my life .

Especially ,i need to Thank Mrs Niloo and you ,who have done excellent job and i always told my friends that AMC is good place to start migration process.

As well as,i would like Thank Mrs Surani Punchihewa and Mr Hemantha Punchihewa on their fullest cooperation.

Once again Thank you all

Best of Luck
Ravi,and Family
Ravi Antony

Ravi Antony

Dear Vishmi,

Thank You very much for the great news and I hereby confirm that I have received your email with the Visa Grant Notification attachment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and advice extended to us throughout the application process. Your help was much appreciated and thank you for coordinating all visa related matters on my behalf.

You and your team at AMC have impressed us with your excellent service and I’m more than happy to recommend AMC to anyone who intends to apply for migration to Australia.

Thank you once again and we will keep in touch with you.

Kind Regards,


Dear Vishmi,

This is to confirm receipt, of the email regarding the Visa being granted. Vishmi, thank you very much for all your efforts in facilitating a quick responce on our behalf and for your guidance and support. Thanks also to, Niloo who was very helpful in addressed any issues during the intial phase of the process. We would also like to thank Mr Punchihewa and his wife for all the guidance and advice regarding the migration process.

Our experiences with regard to the services rendered by your organization has been very positve and we appreciate the honesty and friendliness of all your staff members.

Thanking you,
Iranga and Indika

Iranga and Indika

Dear Hemantha

We have booked tickets to go to Perth end of June directly from Qatar. Unfortunately it will be the winter season but we had no other choice.
I really thank your and Vishmi’s efforts in application process. Although I might not get a chance to thank you and Vishmi in person before I go to Perth, I will do so when I come back to SL.

We have logged in to the VEVO system and obtained the printouts. Is there anything else ( in-terms of obtaining entry to Aus) we need to do before we enter ?

Is there any other advice you wish to provide us ? ( in terms of WA state office issues and or any other legal or entry related issues or any usually over looked smart moves 🙂 )
We really appreciate your contribution.

Thank you again Hemantha

Kasun Premarathne

Kasun Premarathne

Dear Vishmi,

It is to convey my gratitude to Mr & Mrs Punchihewa, Ishani, Sandamali, Madushani, you and everybody else at AMC who helped me throughout the process and made my dream come true yesterday. Yesterday will be among the most imporatnt days in my life forever and I thank you all for giving the professional guidance and marking a wonderful ending in the migration process for me. I guess that I don’t have any more words to express my appreciation and hope that this short response will suffice to say how good your processes and people have been in handling my case.

Moreover I came to Mr. Punchihewa through some referrals that I came across last year and as they testimonied the acceptance of a case by AMC itself indicates that you are just 25% behind your goal. It’s a good word of mouth I believe, so I suggest to do nothing special but to keep up the present service level.

By the way there’s one more clarification i need from you and look forward for a response. As appearing in the visa grant notice it is not mandatory for all applicants to travel together to make the first entry. My plan is to go there in July and get settled so my wife and the child can join me few months later before the first entry date. How does it sound?

Thanks and Regards,
Head of Sales & Marketing

Dushantha Bogahalande
Head of Sales & Marketing, DUSHANTHA BOGAHALANDE B.Sc.(Hon's) ACIM(UK)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Punchihewa,

We would like to thank you and your staff for providing us guidance and support throughout the process of getting PR for Australia.

As you are aware, we were among the delayed few from 2009 to receive visa due to various policy changes occurred at that time. Therefore we were feeling very down about our decision to apply for the visa as well. But, after Vishmi was assigned to handle our file we felt much happier and satisfied ourselves and about your service as well. Therefore we would specially like to thank Vishmi for her skills and ability to satisfy customers.

Thank you everyone again at AMC for your support and friendly assistance through out the process!

Best regards
Prabhath Sooriyabandara & Sulochana Colombage

Prabhath Sooriyabandara & Sulochana Colombage

Dear Mr Hemantha, Surani, Nilu and Vishmi,

It’s a great pleasure to receive such a professional service from Aus Migration center. I am more than delighted to hear the outcome of my application.
Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Rakkitha & Umesha
Rakkitha Kumarage

Rakkitha & Umesha

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