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Benefits of an Australian PR – Study, Work and Live in Australia

July 8, 2019
Australian Migration Centre

Are you considering the possibility of migrating to greener pastures? Then Australia is one viable destination to consider. Choosing to obtain an Australian PR has many benefits; overall, you are looking at a better quality of life in a country boasting a strong economy; plus, you then become privy to a host of benefits which will eventually help your relatives too. Also, its crucial that you start your path to obtaining PR with the right place Australian migration centre in Sri Lanka. Read on for more details.

Why Apply for an Australian PR – Choosing a Better Life

Applying for an Australian PR or Permanent Residency gives you the right to live, work and study for as long as you want on the continent. Obtaining your PR is the first step to eventually obtaining your Australian citizenship; hence the process of successfully acquiring your PR must be handled by a professional Australian visa consultant in Sri Lanka. Look around, there are some really good visa consultant agents out there offering a host of PR migration services. Next, let’s look at the benefits your Australian PR offers.

Study to your Hearts Content with Loads of Help

Armed with an Australian PR, you are free to pursue the study path of your dreams. Duration is no longer a constraint to availing yourself of the type of education you seek. Besides, having an Australian PR puts a host of benefits within your reach; for example, you become eligible to apply for a range of educational grants, which lightens the burden many students bear in terms of paying university fees. Ask your Australian visa consultant in Sri Lanka about these benefits and how you can use it to benefit when applying for your chosen educational path in Australia.

You Get an Automatic Work Permit

Really, its the icing on the cake, with your Australian PR you earn the right to work on the continent. Apart for jobs in the state sector or armed forces (reserved only for Australian citizens) you are free to pursue any type of legitimate career with an employer of your choice. Best of all, permanent residents share the same industrial laws as Australian citizens which offer a range of benefits.

You Have Access to Local Health Care Benefits

One of the most invaluable benefits of obtaining an Australian PR is the right to state funded health care benefits. Holders of an Australian PR are eligible to reap the benefits of the Australian health insurance scheme ‘Medicare’; run by the government, offering benefits such as; subsidised medical treatments. Besides this, you are entitled to free treatment at the state run hospitals and are able obtain medicine at subsidised rates.

Other Random Benefits of Obtaining an Australian PR

Some benefits you receive with the PR can be extended to your family as listed below.

  • Holders of PR may sponsor eligible relatives, who in turn are then eligible to apply for PR
  • A child born to an Australian permanent resident can automatically obtain Australian citizenship
  • An Australian PR holder is eligible to travel to New Zealand to work, live and study there

As you can see the benefits are immense, wait no longer, get in touch with a reputed Australian migration Centre and start your path to success!

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