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We are a leading Australian migration consulting company in Sri Lanka that handles a large number of visa applications.

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Skilled Visa, those who possess special skills will be given the chance to live, study and work…

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Parent Visa is granted to those who have children living in Australia. With the Parent Visa, you will be…

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The Spouse Visa gives you the chance to live and work in Australia until a decision is taken about your…

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In recent years, Australia has become the most popular destination among skilled migrants. The Skilled Migration Program is a government initiative to identify potential skilled migrants who can make a valuable contribution to the economy and to overcome skill shortages in the workforce. More and more people are seeking employment opportunities in Australia by taking advantage of the skill migration program.

You have the opportunity to migrate to Australia, if you are a skilled professional or a tradesperson, or an overseas student who has completed studies for more than two years in Australia. Assess your eligibility instantly for an Australian skilled visa.

Why Australia

Australia has one of the world’s most advanced migration systems, and a program that attracts thousands of legitimate migrants annually. Among the people who come to Australia for work, most come under permanent visas that are offered through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. Australia is the most popular destination among skilled migrants for various reasons. As everyone is aware, Australia ranks the highest among the nations paying a very high level of salaries for skilled professionals. Most of all, everyone who lives in Australia on a permanent basis has access to world class health and education systems.
Social Benefit
Australian income support system states that only Australian residents qualify for social security. There is no waiting period for family assistance payments – income supplements intended to assist families with the cost of raising children (such as Family Tax Benefit).
Health Benefit
As a PR holder, you’ll immediately receive free medical care as part of the Australian government’s basic insurance package. Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with an excellent balance of public healthcare (Medicare) and a thriving private health sector.
Australian offers diversity in its Education system. All permanent residents have access to free public schools. As a PR holder, you only pay from half to a third of overseas-student tuition fees and you’ll qualify for various government grants.
Australian network of transport links and telecommunications is first-rate. Australia has one of the highest per capita usage of Internet and telecommunication devices in the world (
In a globalize economy, language skills are a key workforce advantage. Although Australia is an English-speaking country, more than 4.1 million of its people speak a second language.
Australian Migration Centre


We are the largest migration service provider in Sri Lanka, Handling the highest number of offshore skilled migration visa lodgments.


Australian Migration Centre

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does age matter ?

Yes. You have to be over 18 years and under 45 years

What about qualifications ?

Bachelors degree or 2 years full time Diploma

Different Assessment bodies specify the required minimum qualifications for the occupations. The applicants must meet the relevant assessment Authority’s qualification criteria.

What about my children ?

The PR or the provisional visa will be granted for the whole family including spouse and children

How can I protect myself from dishonest migration agents?

Somebody pretending to be a migration agent might give you false or misleading information to take advantage of your desire to travel to Australia. If you become a victim of fraud, you could lose your life savings, have your identity stolen, or your visa (if granted) cancelled.

There are a number of warning signs you should look out for:

  • They do not advertise a Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN). You can find the number and check their registration by using the search page at the Authority’s website.
  • They ask you to pay up front in cash and provide no receipt.
  • The fee seems extremely high (the Authority lists average charges by registered agents on its website).
  • They do not give you a contract or statement of services and fees.
  • They ask to meet in a public place rather than at their office address.
  • They supply only a post office box or mobile phone number.
  • They claim that: – they can ‘guarantee’ you a visa- this is a once in a lifetime opportunity or your only chance to get a visa- they have a ‘special’ relationship with us- they need to keep the original of your passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate.
How long is my police clearance valid for?

Sri Lanka police clearance valid only for One year from the date of issue.

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