The core business of the Australian Migration Centre (AMC) is facilitating migration, specializing in Australian PR migration services thereby assisting...


The core business of the Australian Migration Centre (AMC) is facilitating migration, specializing in Australian PR migration services thereby assisting a vast number of families to successfully relocate to Australia on various types of visas.

AMC is proud to highlight that we are the largest migration service provider in Sri Lanka, handling the highest number of offshore skilled migration visa lodgments. Also, AMC has its presence in the Middle East, offering highly skilled professionals in the region to move to Australia on permanent basis.

AMC upholds exceedingly high standards of service delivery and veracity of documentation at each and every level of interaction with clients, thereby ensuring a superior and honest service to all clientele.  We believe in enforcing the migration law at all levels and will at no point deviate from its practices and policies, when assessing each individual’s eligibility to migrate to Australia.

It is mandatory that all migration advisers and consultants are registered with the migration agents registration authority (MARA), which is the governing body of migration professionals. The MARA is consistently overlooking all migration agents activities and administered by the Department of Immigration and Boarder Petrol (DIBP). All migration consultants must hold a current practicing license and the process of licensing is subject to annual study of immigration law and practices, maintain ethical practice and is open to Australian citizens and residents.


At AMC, we employ two renowned MARA registered migration consultants that have a  collective practice of over 22 years.

AMC works with one of the world’s largest law firms which employees a number of well experienced Solicitors and Migration Agents to cater the needs of special cases.

Strong Economy, Abundant job opportunities, Unbeatable living conditions are synonymous with this vibrant Country we all know as the Lucky Country.

Australia has one of the world’s most advanced migration systems, and a program that attracts thousands of legitimate migrants annually. Among the people who come to Australia for work, most come under permanent visas that are offered through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) program. Australia is the most popular destination among skilled migrants for various reasons. As everyone is aware, Australia ranks highest among the nations paying a very high level of salaries for skilled professionals. Not to ignore the fact that employee rights are well protected by government regulations and Australians enjoy a quality of life that is considered as one of the most regarded in the world. Most of all, everyone who live in Australia on a permanent basis has access to world class health and education systems.
Benefits of having Permanent Residency in Australia

Whether permanently moving or just considering as an option for future plans, you can enjoy all the benefits below (not exhaustive),

Social Benefit :
Australian income support system states that only Australian residents qualify for social security.
There is no waiting period for family assistance payments - income supplements intended to assist families with the cost of raising children (such as Family Tax Benefit).

As a PR, you'll immediately receive free medical care as part of the Australian government's basic insurance package.
Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with an excellent balance of public healthcare (Medicare) and a thriving private health sector.

Australian offers diversity in its Education system. All permanent residents have access to free public schools.
As a PR, you only pay from half to a third of overseas-student tuition fees and you'll qualify for various government grants.

Australia is away from biological threats (bird flu/SARS).
ustralia has low crime rate, political stability and is a harmonious society.

Australian network of transport links and telecommunications is first-rate.
Australia has one of the highest per capita usage of Internet and telecommunication devices in the world (www.telstra.com.au).

In a globalize economy, language skills are a key workforce advantage. Although Australia is an English-speaking country, more than 4.1 million of its people speak a second language.

Way of Life:
Australia offers the full range of cultural facilities.
A good climate is something that everyone readily associates with Australia.
The incredible choice of places and activities within Australia for a holiday, or even short breaks.

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Skilled Visa

In recent years, Australia has become the most popular destination among skilled migrants. The Skilled Migration Program is a Government initiative to identify potential skilled migrants who can make a valuable contribution to the economy and to overcome skill shortages in the workforce. More and more people are seeking employment opportunities in Australia by taking advantage of the skill migration program. You have the opportunity to migrate to Australia, if you are a skilled professional, a tradesperson, or an overseas student completing studies for more than two years in Australia. Assess your eligibility instantly for an Australian Skilled Visa.
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Business Visa

Australia welcomes business people who can bring business skills, expertise and investment to Australia. Under the new scheme, business migrants are granted a Provisional Visa for four years at the beginning, and after establishing the business or maintaining their investment, they can apply for a Business Skills Residence Visa. There are four business visa categories that fall into this scheme.

  • Business Owner category
  • Senior Executive category
  • Investor Category
  • Business Talent Category

This visa is given initially for a period of four years as a provisional visa. Once the business is established or the required level of investments is maintained, applicants are eligible to apply for permanent residency under this scheme.

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Parent Visa

Parents are entitled for migration to Australia if children living in Australia are sponsoring the parents. The children of the applicant must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. To be eligible for this visa, one must pass the “balance of family test”. Passing the test will mean that the applicants will have more children in Australia than in any part of the world, and the sponsors are settled in Australia.

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Partner Visa

One will qualify for a spouse visa if;
You are married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident
You are in long-term relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident
You are in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident
You are in an interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident
Spouse visa is initially given on a temporary basis for two years. If the applicant is able to prove the relationship is ongoing and genuine, at the end of the two-year period, the applicant will be granted a permanent visa.

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Our Team

Meet the MARA Registered Consultant

Our team

Meet our Team

Hemantha Punchihewa
Hemantha Punchihewa

One of the leading migration consultants, primarily catering to the Sri Lankan community both in and outside Sri Lanka, Hemantha holds an immigration practicing license from the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority, no 0209063). By profession a Migration Consultant Hemantha has over 10 years experience in the industry and hold a practicing MARA license since 2002. While specializing in Skilled Migration, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Spouse, Parent, Student and Business visa categories. His employment at Sirva International, H&S Associates and Australian Migration Centre has helped further enhance his knowledge as a Migration Consultant. Hemantha possesses the talent of successfully dealing with culturally diverse societies which has come about through his work experience where in his day-to-day duties he deals with individuals from various social backgrounds. In addition his flexible nature and attitude helps him adapt to new environments quickly.

Hemantha Punchihewa
Sri Lanka No 0772649591
Australian No 006177098888


Surani Punchihewa
Surani Punchihewa

Surani completed her primary studies at Sirimavo Bandaranayake Vidyalaya and moved to Visaka Vidyalaya for her secondary studies. After completing her G C E Advanced level in the stream of languages, she moved to Tokyo for her post secondary education. Surani completed a Bachelor of Japanese from Kyorin University and later on was excepted by prestigious Waseda University in Tokyo to do a Masters in International Relations. After completing 7 years of education in Japan, she moved to Melbourne. Surani was a Japanese teacher, a program coordinator for a Bilingual Japanese program in and headed the Japanese teaching at Wesley College in Melbourne.

Her career move towards migration consultation began with her Husband’s starting up a Migration services Business in Melbourne. She joined her husband as a full fledged migration consultant after completing education in Migration Law. Surani is a registered with the MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) in Australia, and currently is in her 8th year of practice. She is the sole female registered consultant, permanently based in Sri Lanka and has provided migration services to thousands of people seeking advice in Australian laws and procedures. Her current designation is the Consultant to the Australian Migration Centre.

Surani Punchihewa
Sri Lanka No 0773709310
Australian No 0061419373888


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12. If I am approved, how long do I have before I must travel to Australia?

13. I know I need to travel to Australia before the initial entry date on my visa but am I required to migrate to Australia before this date as I have a home to sell and/or other assets to dispose of?

14. How can I prove I have competent English?

15. How can I prove I have functional English?

16. Who can translate my documents into English for me?

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Where to find us

Contact Australian Migration Centre

Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.

Where to find us

Contact Australian Migration Centre

Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.

To contact our migration advisers, you must be registered with Australian migration centre. To register, please take one of the Free eligibility assessment to begin your visa application process.

If you are a Registered User and need to contact an adviser, we encourage you to use the online options first. However if you required to contact us during business hours;

Sean : 077 227 7695
Ravi : 077 293 2239
Ishani : 077 293 2237
Nethmi : 077 384 7277

Telephone: 0094 11 281 8833
Fax: 0094 11 281 8835

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